Mortal Kombat

10 credits:
In the Japanese version, press Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up when Goro appears at the Acclaim logo. A sound will confirm correct code entry. The game will now start with 10 instead of 4 credits.

Fight as Goro:
Successfully complete the game. When "The End" message appears, quickly hold Up/Left + Select + A until the title screen appears. Press Start to began a new game.

Fight as Reptile:
Select any character and defeat Shang Tsung. When he releases all the fighters souls, hold L + R when Sub-Zero appears. Keep holding L + R until the title screen appears. Start a new game. At the fighter selection screen, Reptile's face will be at the top middle of the fighter selection screen.

Fight against Reptile:
Play the game until reaching the Pit. Achieve a double Flawless victory without blocks and perform a fatality to end the match.

Alternate introduction sequence:
Hold L + R before the Acclaim logo appears. Continue holding the buttons until it disappears..

Hint: Move players off the screen:
Start a two player tournament battle with any of the fighters. Fight until one of the characters is one throw away from defeat. Allow the time run down until one second is remaining. Finish off the fighter with a throw (stand next to the opponent and press B). In the next round, either character may be moved off the edge of the screen.

Hint: Motionless opponent:
Start a one player match with any fighter (Cage or Liu Kang work the best). Repeatedly jump over your opponent and kick without hitting him. Continue doing this until the CPU blocks. Then, jump back over your opponent once more time, without kicking. After landing, wait and do not press any buttons. The CPU opponent will remain motionless until hit.

Hint: Leave opponent standing:
Use Sub-Zero to defeat an opponent in the first round. During the second round, run your opponent's power meter all the way down without the "Finish Him" appearing on the screen. Use the Freeze move to ice the opponent until "Finish Him" flashes. Then, execute the finishing move. Sub-Zero will shatter the ice but leave the opponent standing.

Hint: Easy special:
This trick allows you to perform any special move that ends with pushing an attack button by pressing only that button at the beginning of the second or third round. Finish your opponent in round one (or two) by using a special move. When the next round begins you can continue to use that same special move by only pressing the final attack button as long as you do not press any other buttons or move the fighter using the D-pad. For example, use Liu Kang's fireball to defeat the opponent in round one. At the beginning of round two, you can repeatedly throw fireballs by pressing only HP.

Hint: Easy wins:
Select any character except for Sonya. Repeatedly do the Away + Low Kick move. You can easily win against Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sonya, Sub-Zero and Reptile. Note: For Sub-Zero and Reptile you must have a good timing and it only works in the first round. You can do this trick against Shang Tsung when he morphs into one of those characters. Do not perform this trick against Kano, Rayden or Liu Kang because they have a jumping move (for example, Cannonball for Kano, Lightning Spin for Rayden and Flying Kick for Liu Kang).

Hint: Johnny Cage: Fatality:
Stand next to your opponent and press Forward(3), Y. Johnny will kick through the opponent.

Hint: Johnny Cage: Special move:
Wait until "Finish Him" appears. Stand close to your opponent, then press L + R + B at the same time to get a surprise. Note: Make sure the opponent is not Sonya.

Hint: Kano: Fatality:
Stand next to your opponent and press Back, Down, Forward, B. Kano will rip out his opponent's heart.

Hint: Liu Kang:
Stand anywhere and hold Block, then rotate the D-pad in a full circle towards your opponent. Liu will do an uppercut.

Hint: Liu Kang: Fatality:
Rotate the D-pad toward your opponent to perform a powerful uppercut.

Hint: Raiden: Fatality:
Stand next to your opponent and press Forward(2), Away(3), Y. Raiden will electrocute the opponent.

Hint: Scorpion: Fatality:
Stand about three characters spaces away and hold Block, then press Up, Up. He will then burn his opponent.

Hint: Scorpion: Easy victory:
Select Scorpion and keep repeating his "Harpoon" move.

Hint: Sonya: Purple Rings:
To do Sonya's purple rings press Away(2), B.

Hint: Sonya: Fatality:
Press Away(2), Foward(2), Block to perform a kiss that burns your opponent.

Hint: Sub-Zero: Fatality:
Stand four character spaces apart and press Forward, Down, Forward, Y. Sub-Zero will freeze the opponent and break him to pieces.

Hint: Keep punching after victory:
When "Finish Him" appears, punch your victim down. When he or she goes down, keep pressing B. Your character will still be punching.

Hint: Star Fox reference:
In the courtyard, the statues behind the fighters will be Fox McCloud with his pistol.

Glitch: Night fighting:
Two players are required for this trick to work. First, choose any two characters. Then, start a match against one another. Each character, first one player then the other, should perform a flying jump kick (Up/Forward + Kick). After performing one of these each, back away and let the time run out. It should be counted a draw. In the next match, do the same thing, letting the time run out. In the third and final match, one character must get a flawless victory. At the end of this round, regardless of the fact that no one has a win, the game will prompt for a "Finish Him". Do your fatality or whatever. Then, whoever lost the match when prompted to continue, should press Start. The match will restart with the same characters, but the screen will be dark as if going for a fatality.

Glitch: Frozen Reptile:
Play against the CPU or another human player. Have both players be Sub-Zero. Have the lighter Sub-Zero (player one) freeze the darker Sub-Zero (player two). Notice that Sub-Zero is wearing green, and it looks like Reptile has been frozen.

Glitch: Free hit:
Play as Sub-Zero against Goro. If you freeze him when he tries to grab you, he does not actually grab you, but notice your health meter shows unnecessary damage.