Mega Man X3

CX4 debug:
Hold B on controller two, then power on the Super Nintendo to test the cartridge's CX4 chip.

Play as Zero:
Pause game play, then press L at the menu. A hidden menu that allows Zero to be selected will appear. Note: You cannot use Zero after you have received his saber. He is also bigger and slower than X and only has one life.

X-Saber enhancement:
Enter 3317-8353-6772-3824 as a password.

Zero's green sword blaster:
Enter 1454-3535-6162-7162 as a password. Just charge up and release it.



Neon Tiger


Gravity Beetle


Blast Hornet


Blizzard Buffalo


Tunnel Rhino


Volt Catfish


Toxic Seahorse


Crush Crawfish


Dr. Doppler's Lab, stage 1


Dr. Doppler's Lab, stage 2


Dr. Doppler's Lab, stage 3


Dr. Doppler's Lab passwords:
The following passwords have all items and weapons available. Enemies destroyed or not determines who you will face during the Doppler stages.

Bit, Byte and Vile destroyed
1454-2165-6162-7186 No Chips
5414-6685-6872-3114 No Chips with Beam Sabre
7257-5333-6462-7841 with Energy Chip
1154-3135-6162-7185 with Energy Chip and Beam Sabre
1154-2165-6162-7181 with Arm Chip
7257-7363-6462-7845 with Arm Chip and Beam Sabre
5114-4155-6872-3116 with Leg Chip
1154-3165-6162-7165 with Leg Chip and Beam Sabre
7257-5563-6462-7841 with Body Chip
3217-8553-6772-3824 with Body Chip and Beam Sabre

Bit, Byte destroyed, Vile not destroyed
4454-2165-6162-7386 No Chips
2257-5333-6462-7741 with Energy Chip
2257-5363-6462-7746 with Arm Chip
4154-2165-6162-7366 with Leg Chip
4154-2665-6162-7386 with Body Chip

Bit and Vile destroyed, Byte not destroyed
7377-5363-6462-7847 No Chips
1474-3635-6162-7162 No Chips with Beam Sabre
3267-1383-6772-3827 with Energy Chip
3267-8383-6772-3822 with Energy Chip and Beam Sabre
7277-5363-6462-7848 with Arm Chip
5164-6155-6872-3152 with Arm Chip and Beam Sabre
5164-4155-6872-3118 with Leg Chip
3267-8353-6772-3872 with Leg Chip and Beam Sabre
7277-5563-6462-7847 with Body Chip
7277-7563-6462-7842 with Body Chip and Beam Sabre

Bit destroyed, Byte and Vile not destroyed
6464-4155-6872-3358 No Chips
8267-1383-6772-3727 with Energy Chip
4174-2165-6162-7387 with Arm Chip
2277-5363-6462-7737 with Leg Chip
2277-5563-6462-7747 with Body Chip

Byte and Vile destroyed, Bit not destroyed
7357-5163-6462-7847 No Chips
5414-6585-6872-3112 No Chips with Beam Sabre
1154-2335-6162-7188 with Energy Chip
5114-6385-6872-3153 with Energy Chip and Beam Sabre
5114-4355-6872-3157 with Arm Chip
1154-3365-6162-7182 with Arm Chip and Beam Sabre
1154-2365-6162-7168 with Leg Chip
5114-6355-6872-3113 with Leg Chip and Beam Sabre
5114-4555-6872-3158 with Body Chip
5114-6555-6872-3153 with Body Chip and Beam Sabre

Byte destroyed, Bit and Vile not destroyed
4454-2365-6162-7388 No Chips
2257-5133-6462-7747 with Energy Chip
8217-1153-6772-3728 with Arm Chip
2257-5163-6462-7737 with Leg Chip
2257-5663-6462-7747 with Body Chip

Vile destroyed, Bit and Byte not destroyed
7377-5163-6462-7841 No Chips
5464-6585-6872-3114 No Chips with Beam Sabre
7277-5133-6462-7841 with Energy Chip
5164-6385-6872-3155 with Energy Chip and Beam Sabre
5164-4355-6872-3151 with Arm Chip
1174-3365-6162-7184 with Arm Chip and Beam Sabre
5164-4355-6872-3116 with Leg Chip
7277-7163-6462-7834 with Leg Chip and Beam Sabre
3267-1653-6772-3821 with Body Chip
1174-3565-6162-7185 with Body Chip and Beam Sabre

Bit, Byte and Vile not destroyed
2377-5163-6462-7741 No Chips
6164-4385-6872-3356 with Energy Chip
6164-4355-6872-3351 with Arm Chip
2277-5163-6462-7731 with Leg Chip
6164-4555-6872-3356 with Body Chip

Energy Chip: This chip will allow you to recover energy. Stand still and your energy level will slowly increase.

Arm Chip: This chip will increase your attacking abilities. The chip allows damage to your system to be transformed and charged as weapon energy. You will be able to use it to rapidly shoot charged shots.

Leg Chip: This chip will enable you to dash in the air twice in a row. With the chip your mobility in the air will be greatly enhanced.

Body Chip: This chip will increase your defensive ability. Your defence shields will be enhanced and you will receive even less damage.

Note: If you use a password that gives you the Beam Sabre, Zero will be gone otherwise you will still have Zero.

Hint: Super passwords:
The following password will give you three Sub Tanks, four Heart Tanks, the Robot Capsule for the underwater ride armor, and the Air Dash upgrade for your legs. Also, only Gravity beetle is destroyed and Zero is not dead: 4521-4887-6256-1141.

Enter 3367-8683-6772-3875 as a password for all eight hearts tanks, all four sub-tanks (full), all four chips upgrades (X-Golden Armor, inclued Zero Beam Saber) , all four Robots , nine lives, all Bosses defeated, and the final fight for Sigma.

Enter 4746-5186-6258-7747 as a password for all the modifications except for the Saber, and no chips, Bit destroyed, Byte and Vile not destroyed, all the life ups except for the Gravity Beetle life up, and only Gravity Beetle, The Rhino, and the Electric Catfish destroyed. This will allow you to get the majority of the Bosses yourself, and still be able to get the Golden Armor or pick a chip and have all the modifications and maximum life.

Enter 5414-6685-6872-3114 as a password for everything.

Enter 3487-4135-6315-1156 as a password to have all 8 Hearts, all 4 Robot Armors, all 4 Sub-Tanks, all 4 Body Armor parts, no Chips, Bit, Byte and Vile defeated, and no special weapons. You can defeat all 8 Mavericks with a complete advantage over them and will not have to worry about the three HeadHunters because they are already dead.

Enter 8626-4335-6318-7356 as a password for all but Gravity Beetle's heart tank, all armor upgrades(not the Golden Amor), all sub-tanks, all ride-armors, only Tunnel Rhino and Volt Catfish have been defeated, leaving a decent challenge.

Other passwords:

Have heal chip
Enter 3217-1383-6772-3821 as a password.

Have arm chip
Enter 1154-2165-6162-7181 as a password.

Have leg chip
Enter 3217-1353-6772-3871 as a password.

Have armor
Enter 7257-5563-6462-7841 as a password.

At last level fully powered
Enter 6164-4155-6872-3166 as a password.

No upgrades, all weapons, 4 sub tanks, 7 heart tanks, Bit Byte and Vile destroyed, Beam Sabre, and last level
Enter 1455-6863-6427-7185 as a password.

Hint: Defeating Byte:
Another way to defeat Byte is to intentionally run into him when he shoots his pod across the screen, right before he dashes. He will dash across the screen and leave Megaman with just a small amount of damage.

Another strategy is to use Tornado Fang on him for more damage.

Hint: Defeating Bit:
Use Triad Thunder to do more damage while fighting Bit.

Hint: Defeating Crush Crawfish:
This trick requires the Arm Upgrade. When you reach the Boss, equip the Triad Thunder Weapon. Climb the wall as you unleash the weapon and keep the button held so that you start to charge it. If done correctly, Crush Crawfish will get hit by the blast as you start to turn yellow. The moment you turn purple, release the button. You will do the "Earthquake" move and Crush Crawfish's health will drop to zero almost instantly.

Hint: Alternate Boss:
Destroy Bit with the Triad Thunder or the Frost Shield, and Byte with the Drill Fang. You will encounter a different Boss at the final Boss stage.

Hint: Zero's Beam Saber:
Defeat Vile with the S. Blades, and have Zero still alive. Play only as X in the first two stages in Dr. Doppler's Lab. In the second stage of Dr. Doppler's Lab, after the water pit area but before the mini-Boss, switch to Zero. Charge up and defeat the "bug". It will fall on Zero, he will be severely damaged, and will give you his Saber. The Saber will be saved with a password.

Hint: Golden Armor and chip enhancement:
When at the first stage of Dr. Doppler's Lab, go through the stage until reaching a pit with falling spiked balls. Cling to the left wall of the pit. Slide down until you fall into a room that contains a capsule. Walk inside to reach the Orange Bomber and get every single enhancement chip. Note: You must have full health and all the power-ups. You may have a chip if this does not work. The Golden Armor can not be saved with a password.

Hint: Body Upgrade without the Arm Upgrade:
Get the Leg Chip. When you get to the area where it normally requires that you have the Arm Upgrade, and Gravity Beetle's attack, with the Leg Chip, dash upwards twice and wall jump off the right wall. If you are lucky, you can land on the wall, and wall jump up.

Hint: Helmet Chip:
The Helmet Chip will also fill up the Sub-Tanks, as well as X's main health.

Hint: Extra Saber damage:
When attacking a Boss, get as far as away as possible. Then, execute the Saber Shot. This will take off about 25% damage then will gradually decrease the life of the boss. This will do more damage than if you had gotten close to the Boss.

Hint: Extra damage for Beam Saber:
If you stand in front of a Boss use the Beam Saber, his life will be halved. However if there is a lot of space between you and the Boss, then he will be almost defeated.

Hint: Fast Beam Saber charge:
Do not get the Arm Upgrade. If you get the Beam Saber that way, you only need to charge until you are yellow.

Hint: Easy power-ups:
Use the Frost Shield on enemies. Not all enemies will give out power-ups, but most will give out big and small.

Hint: Easy extra lives:
In the Doppler stage, where you must defeat all the Bosses, shoot the Beam Saber on the standing object. Usually if you shoot on it, healing power-ups will appear. However, if you shoot on it with the Beam Saber an extra life will appear.

Hint: Unlimited powers:
At the last level (the first of Dr. Doppler's level), there are a lot of little missile launchers. Equip yourself with the ACID, but do not power up. Shoot him with it until it is destroyed and it always leaves you with Power-Ups only.

Hint: Chip Enhancer:
The Chip Enhancer allows you to use all four chips at once. You must first have all the Heart Tanks, all four Sub Tanks filled, all four Robot Suits and the Dash Boots, Mega Buster, Armor and Sensor/Helmet upgrades. Also, you cannot do it with Zero. Go through the first stage of Doppler's Lab until you reach a pit in the part where spiked balls are falling down from above. Then, jump into the pit and cling to the left wall. Slide down to find a hidden tunnel that leads to Dr. Light. He will give you a special Chip Enhancer. This chip will allow you to carry all four chips.

Hint: Toxic Seahorse level: Change K:
Get to the part where you find the Change K, You must have the Air Dash and the Change F to do this. While you are in your Change F armor, jump down into the water and move slightly, but not too far. Make your Change F suit swim to the left, up as far as it can go, then jump out of it. Shimmy up the side of the wall. Next, let yourself slide into the water slightly (while you are still on the wall), then jump towards the end of the ledge holding the Change K. You will not make it, but just when you are on the water tap Jump. You will do a jump off the water. Then, slide straight up and you will get the Change K.

To get this upgrade, you must have your X Buster upgrade and Frost S. Once you are in the water, jump past the first hole and stand slightly to the right of it. Power up the Frost S. so you get the shield ability and the thing floats in the water. Jump on it and ride to the top to get Change K.

Hint: Toxic Seahorse level: Leg upgrade chip:
To get the leg upgrade chip, which lets you dash two times in the air, when you are about to slide down the wall that leads to the water, jump across and get the water vehicle (if you have the tank that allows you to do so). Drop down into the water and make your way to the wall, where you have to go down to fight the mini-Boss. Next, jump out of the vehicle, climb the wall, and you will exit from the water and meet Doctor Light in a capsule. Note: If you try to do this without the water vehicle, the fans on the wall will be on, and will prevent you from climbing the wall by pushing you back.

Hint: Extra scene:
Choose one of the eight levels, switch to Zero and intentionally die. You will see an extra scene where Zero says "Sorry X... I've failed. Looks like my power generator's damaged you can do it. X, you'r our last hope. " Doctor Cain will be standing next to Zero.

Glitch: Walk on water:
If you can get on the top of water, you can jump when you hear a splashing sound.

Glitch: Invincible from lights:
When in Doctor Doppler's lab, stage 2, after you re-fight the Bosses, you will eventually get into a long hallway with lights that attack you if you touch them. Just walk through and they will not hurt you after the second one.

Glitch: Wrong music:
This trick requires Golden Armor, Zero being alive, and Vile not defeated. At the point in Dopper's second stage where you must ride the snails up the spikes, use Zero and intentionally die. You will see Dr. Cain's lab and Zero will say something about his power generator. The music in the background will be the theme from Vile's level, which is found in the hidden teleporters around other levels teleporter.

Glitch: Blizzard Buffalo Boss fight:
There is a small, yet exploitable glitch that exists in this Boss fight. If you get the leg chip upgrade so that you can dash straight up into the air, you can trick the Boss into never hitting you. When the battle starts, dash jump over him (off the wall) and get behind him. When he turns around to charge at you, double jump straight up and the Boss will turn around and ram the wall that is in the opposite direction of where you are standing in relation to the Boss. In other words, this maneuver will trick the Boss into thinking that you jumped over him, and thus makes this Boss the easiest in the entire game.

Glitch: Mega Man changes color:
Near the end of Crush Crawfish's level near is a big generator-type object taking up the wall. When you shoot it, it changes the entire screen. If you have the arm upgrade (not necessarily the chip, just the armor) power up to either purple or red before destroying it. When destroyed with the first shot, Mega Man will stay the color of the charge until you either charge up again or enter a door