Mega Man X2

Diagnostic mode:
Hold B on controller two, then power on the SNES. Alternately, hold L + R on controller two, then power on the SNES.

Status No power-ups collected All heart and reserve tanks, upgrades
Wire Sponge complete6543-6884-3741-4551 5227-8133-1656-5451
Morph Moth complete7821-7232-3151-8446 5224-8133-1656-7451
Flame Stag complete6545-6884-3744-4551 5224-8133-1658-5451
Magna Centipede complete6575-6884-3741-4551 3167-6337-1356-5526
Overdrive Ostrich complete1528-3854-3451-2581 3127-6357-1356-5526
Bubble Crab complete6843-8282-3841-4426 4146-3387-1246-1546
Wheel Gator complete7821-7232-3121-2446 5224-8133-1626-5451
Crystal Snail complete1528-3834-3551-2581 3127-6337-1856-5526
Other passwords:
Enter one of the following passwords to start at the corresponding game location.
Third X-hunter level
Enter 1462-3327-6482-3242 as a password.
All Bosses defeated
Enter 3467-8843-3528-7651 as a password.
First X-hunter stage after all Bosses defeated, all hearts, all energy tanks, all special capsules
Enter 8377-8143-6822-7651 as a password.

No levels completed, with all heart tanks, reserve tanks, and upgrades collected
Enter 4242-7183-1546-1681 as a password.

All power-ups and 3 Zero parts collected; all opponents except X-Hunters, defeated
Enter 3366-7123-6188-3681 as a password.

All sub tanks, hearts, and upgrades with only wire sponge left
Enter 2272-7123-1478-3446 as a password.

All Bosses defeated and all items
Enter 5462-3327-6488-3246 as a password.
Start with all of Zero's parts
Enter 7741-7732-3451-2748 as a password. Note you will lose the items when you reach the Robot Screen due to a security reset on all passwords.

First X hunter stage, all of Zero's parts
Enter 1462-3327-6488-3246 as a password.

Zero appearance in ending sequence:
If you did not collect all of Zero's parts from the X-Hunters, Zero will be fought and a black copy of Zero will appear at the ''Thanks for playing!!'' screen. However, if they were found then Zero will not be a Boss and the real one will take the fake one's place. Note: if you did not collect any upgrades from capsules, Zero will appear for a moment when the cast roll transitions to the Boss list, otherwise he will be missing.

Hint: Getting the Dragon Punch:
Get to the third X-hunter stage and continue until reaching a location with two ladders, one on the ground and one near the ceiling, that is unreachable. Lure a bat towards the ceiling ladder. Use the ICQ on the bat, then jump on the bat to reach the ladder. Kill the man with the shield. Allow the bat that appears to follow your character. Shimmy across the wall to the single spot without spikes. Quickly tap B, A to reach a safe spot. Walk up the small set of stairs to find more spikes. Bump into the bat that followed your character to become invincible for a short amount of time. Quickly move past the spikes and use an energy tank, Shimmy down the left wall until your character falls into a room with a capsule. Enter to get the Dragon Punch. To use it, press Forward, Down, Down/Forward, Y after your character is at full health.

You can use the flying platform to navigate to the ladder or freeze a bat and jump on it to get to the ladder. You must kill all the enemies and keep pressing Right to not fall on the spikes. Then, get through the spikes with the Mid-Dash and use the wheel to kill the robots. Then, charge your fire shot and fly across the spikes. Turn around quickly and do a Mid-Dash toward the life. Next, slide down the left side of the walls and get inside the capsule. Press Right, Down, Right, Y to use the Dragon Punch. It is very strong and can kill Agille in one hit, Black Zero in two hits, and Sigma in two to four hits (depending on the move he is doing while you hit him).

Instead of the original way to use Shoryuken (Dragon Punch), press Back, Down, Down/Forward, Attack to do it easier.

Hint: Getting the armor upgrade:
To Enter Metamorph Moth's level after defeating Wheel Alligator, then use the Helmet Search. Where its signal falls, shoot with the Spinning Wheel. You will find the Armor Capsule.

Hint: Defeating Morph Moth:
Instead of using the X-buster, the quickest way is to use Flame Stag's weapon.

Hint: Defeating Violen:
Use the Bubble Beam.

Hint: Defeating the Big Machine with the old man:
Use Magnet Mines to destroy the four guns on the Big Machine.

Hint: Defeating Wire Sponge:
Use the Boomerang Cutter.

Hint: Defeating Overdrive Ostrich:
Use the Crystal Hunter.

Hint: Defeating Wheel Gator:
Use the Strike Chain.

Hint: Defeating Crystal Snail:
Use the Magnet Mine.

Hint: Defeating Magna Centipede:
Use the Silk Shot.

Hint: Defeating Morph Moth:
Use the Flame Stag weapon.

Use a fully charged gravity weapon on Morph Moth. The debris and his "powder" will get sucked into it, and will also damage him.

Hint: Defeating Flame Stag:
Use the Bubble S.

Hint: Defeating Bubble Crab:
Use the Spin Wheel.

Hint: Defeating Mini-Moth:
On Morph Moth's level, get up to the area where you fight the Mini-Moth. Switch to Bubble Splash. It should take about three hits to destroy it.

Hint: Defeating Serges:
To defeat Serges in the X-Hunter levels, use the G. Crush to destroy the four cannons, then use the Sonic Slicer to damage Serges.

Hint: Defeating Sigma:
When Sigma's wire-frame head turns red he will disappear and reappear around you unless you move quickly. Let him surround you and quickly select your Strike Chain. Keep shooting the Chain at him. This weapon should be as powerful as a charged blast.

Use the Sonic Slicer when fighting Sigma (with the claws).

Hint: Defeating the Sigma Virus:
After defeating Sigma's first form, you have to fight him in virus form. He has no energy bar, so you will just have to hit him with all you have got. To hurt him, you must hit him in the eyes with the Third or Final Charged Shot. Anything lower will not work. The Dragon Punch will work, but it is difficult to stay at 100% health in this fight. Sigma will change colors when he gets weaker. He will drop minor enemies onto the floor. Destroy them to get energy capsules. When Sigma turns orange, he will start teleporting around - do not be where he forms or he will trap you. Just keep dashing away from him. Keep shooting and victory will be yours.

Hint: Defeating Zero:
In case you have to fight Zero, use the following tricks. There are only four weapons that will harm Zero: the Third Charged Shot, the Final Charged Shot (Enhanced Cannon required), the Speed Burner, and the Dragon Punch. Zero will block any other weapon. Note: The Dragon Punch will strip half of his health away. When Zero dashes at you, climb up the closest wall you are near -- after he stops dashing, he will pound the ground, causing four rocks to shoot up. You can jump over them. Zero has two projectiles. One is a small green shot which he will fire if you are shooting at him. The second is his trademark Z-slash combo, where he will fire two Third Charge Shots and end with a Beam Saber Slash. The shots will not hurt much, but his Beam Saber will cause drastic damage. Be careful and you will defeat Zero with ease.

Hint: Alternate Wire Sponge victory animation:
If you defeat Wire Sponge with his weakness, he will split in half and explode instead of just exploding.

Hint: Getting Zero's parts:
If you do not get all of Zero's parts you have to fight him until he breaks through Sigma's powers. Here are a few items that could help.

Zero does not stall at all before he shoots his triple shot, so make sure you find the capsule where you get the "ultra charge". Climb a wall as soon as he starts shooting and charge your blaster. Zero should dash over to you and smash the ground, which will cause rocks to appear and hit you. Avoid this by quickly jumping off the wall and on to the floor. By now your weapon should be fully charged. Shoot one mega-blast to block Zero's first blast, then wait until the second blast is about to hit you. Then, shoot the second blast to block the one that is about to hit you. Some of the blasts surrounding the second blast should block Zero's cape swing. Finally, the rest of the blasts surrounding the second one should hit Zero. This will take one line of energy away from Zero.

Another way to damage him is to use the Speed Burner. Note: This will not block shots, so wait until he is not on the offense nor defense. The Speed Burner will not damage him if he is blocking.

To block shots easily and quickly, use the Spin Wheel. Note: This will not harm Zero -- it will only block shots.

Hint: Race against Zero:
Successfully complete the game without getting any armor upgrades. In the ending credits, you will see Zero dash past you when the screen shifts.

Hint: Deep Sea Base: Filling your energy:
When you are in the Deep Sea Base, after the big fish opens up the gate (not the one he came out of), hang off the wall on the left until you enter a room with nothing in it. Go in the middle and charge up your Silk Shot (X Blaster upgrade required). When it is fully charged, a handful of energy capsules will appear. This is a good way to fill your energy and subtanks.

Hint: Overdrive Ostrich level:
In Overdrive Ostrich's stage, instead of going to all that trouble on the bike to get the heart tank, sacrifice yourself (after completing the stage and are at 0 lives). Then, charge up the flame weapon, jump normally, release the charge, then do a air slide.

In Overdrive Ostrich's stage, there is a small chamber or room before crossing the bridge that has nothing in it. Use Morph Moth's weapon in that room. You will notice that nothing will happen. Charge it up fully to see energy icons or ring type energy items appear. Use them to refill your energy or sub-tanks.

Hint: Best order of game play:
Wire Sponge, Wheel Gator, Bubble Crab, Flame Stag, Morph Moth, Magma Centipede, Crystal Snail, Overdrive Ostrich.

Try the following order: Morph Moth, Magna Centipede, Crystal Snail, Overdrive Ostrich, Wire Sponge, Wheel Gator, Bubble Crab, Flame Stag.

Hint: Finding hidden items:
Look in the ceiling or cave tops to find hidden items and other objects. Note: This is mainly on stages where you cannot see the ceiling, such as Flame Stag or Bubble Crab.

Hint: Changing scenery:
When defeating a Boss or Bosses. The scenery view of the level at the level selection screen will change as follows.

Wheel Gator: The huge gator truck will be destroyed from the front.
Bubble Crab: The two objects floating in the water near the dock will be gone.
Flame Stag: The lava flowing out of the volcano will stop flowing.
X-Hunter's stage 1: The upper or lower right side of the base will be destroyed.
X-Hunter's stage 2: The bottom left or right side of the base will be destroyed.
X-Hunter's stage 3: The green towers on the base will be destroyed.
X-Hunter's stage 4: The Large pink towers on the base will be destroyed.

Glitch: Zero misfires:
At the final level of Sigma's Fortress, just as you are walking into the room where you would fight Zero, or Zero would destroy the copy Zero, perform the Shoryuken Uppercut. You will not walk back to the left side when the door shuts. Depending on how far you are when you land, it will appear as if Zero has his back against X's when Sigma disappears. When he tears the hole in the ground it will seem more dramatic because you do not have to jump in. Also, if you wait until you land to stop Zero's dialogue, you will be able to move while Sigma is talking to you. If you land very far into the room after performing the Shoryuken (next to copy Zero or farther), Zero's second set of attacks (aimed at Sigma) will instead hit you.

Glitch: Mini-moth within robot:
On the Morph Moth stage, go as if you are going to fight the second mini-moth. Immediately before you go to fight the second mini-moth (about one step away from locking the screen for battle), go back up the ladder to the left where you came from then go to the right. Once you are directly above the second mini-moth area, the screen will glitch with a version of the mini-moth within the robot. You cannot get rid of this after it is triggered, and you must restart.