Mega Man 7

R.U.S.H. suit:
Enter 7235-7654-1145-2551 as a password.

Full power:
Enter 6853-5646-1241-7515 as a password.

Ultimate/Vs. mode:
Enter 1415-5585-7823-6251 as a password. Press Start to begin at the end (ultimate) level of the game. To play a Vs. mode fighting game, hold L + R on controllers one and two and press Start on controller one.

Super passwords:
Enter 7853-5842-2245-7515 as a password for the R.U.S.H., super rocket arm, 999 bolts, 4 birds, 4 energy tanks, 4 weapon tanks, SP tank, energy bolt, exit, all weapons, shield, the robot's screw, and all Bosses defeated.

Enter 1414-5585-7823-6251 to start at the Dr. Wily level fully powered-up.

Enter 6164-4155-6872-3166 as a password to start at the final level completely powered-up.

Heal chip:
Enter 3217-1383-6772-3821 as a password.

Arm chip:
Enter 1154-2165-6162-7181 as a password.

Leg chip:
Enter 3217-1353-6772-3871 as a password.

Enter 7257-5563-6462-7841 as a password.

Versus mode:
Enter 1415 5585 7823 6251 as a password, then hold L + R and press Start.

Hidden music:
Hold B while selecting Shade Man. Music from the Capcom game Ghouls 'n' Ghosts will be played.

Hint: Auto's bolt:
Go to Spring Man's stage. There will be a secret room where you fight the spring-looking Jack in the box. Make them face left and it will hit a secret wall and break it. Once it is open, there will be two bat-type balls. Once you kill them, you will see the bolt at a mega size. After obtaining it, get out of the level. Talk to Auto and give him the bolt. This allows him to make things that you can buy.

Hint: Get Protoman's shield:
Go to Cloudman's stage and keep going until you see a ladder above you, Use Rush Coil or Jet to get to it. Protoman will give you advice. Next go to Turboman's level and get to the part where there are street lights. Climb up and on the third screen at the top, jump to the right. You will go through the wall and Protoman will talk to you again. Then, go to Shademan's level. After you defeat the Pumpcan mini-Boss, go down and kill the green enemy. Go past him and you will go through a secret wall and fight Protoman for the Proto Shield.

Hint: Unlimited bolts:
Go to Cloud Man's stage. Look for an enemy that drops a big egg. Charge up the Mega Buster, and as soon as the egg hatches, fire at it. It will drop lots of bolts and occasionally an extra life. Walk back towards the stairs then go back to the area of the egg-dropping enemy and repeat the process.

Hint: Only find Gameboy:
In Junkman's stage, after a "READY", go to the left and use a Rush Search.

Hint: Boss weaknesses:

Burst Man: Freeze Cracker, Scorch Wheel
Cloud Man: Danger Wrap
Junk Man: Thunder Bolt
Freeze Man: Junk Shield, Scorch Wheel (resistant to Freeze Cracker)
Slash Man: Freeze Cracker, Scorch Wheel
Spring Man: Slash Claw (resistant to Thunder Bolt)
Shade Man: Wild Coil (resistant to Noise Crush)
Turbo Man: Noise Crush (resistant to Thunder Bolt)
Proto Man: Fully charged Mega Buster
Dr. Wily (stage 1): Noise Crush
Dr. Wily (stage 2): Mega Buster
Dr. Wily (stage 3): Slash Claw
Dr. Wily: Thunder Bolt
Dr. Wily Final Boss: Wild Coil, Mega Buster

Hint: Recommended order:

Burst Man
Cloud Man
Junk Man
Freeze Man
Slash Man
Spring Man
Shade Man
Turbo Man

Glitches: Misspelling:
In part of the introduction story, Dr.Wily's name (during second time his name is said) is misspelled as "Dr.Willy".



Burst Man


Cloud Man


Junk Man


Freeze Man




Slash Man


Spring Man


Shade Man


Turbo Man


Dr. Wily