Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage

Five continues:
Quickly press Up(2), Down, A, B, Select on controller two at the "Start" screen.

Five lives:
Quickly press Down, Y, B, R, L, Select on controller two at the "Start" screen.

Seven hidden health meter bars:
Quickly press Left, L, A, X, Y, Select on controller two at the "Start" screen.

Secret level:
Go to the ATM in the first level where you can play as Venom. Press B + Y to jump to a secret level.

Hint: Fighting more than one Boss:
When fighting more than one boss, do not hit them. Instead, wait until you are in between them (or you can climb a wall before they appear). When you are between them, use your web and if they both are caught, they will both die.

Hint: Easy kills:
When you know that some enemies are coming up, kill in smaller groups than they are ready to appear in. Sometimes only some enemies will appear when you reach a certain point or there can only be a limited number of enemies on the screen at once.

Hint: Instant Boss kills:
You can kill some Bosses instantly at the end of each level if you do the following. Do not hit them, but go onto a wall. When they have stopped and are on opposite sides of each other, go down and try to do a "Double Smash" on them. If successful, you will automatically kill them and will also get an extra life.

Hint: Easy Boss battles:
Using Cloak against Bosses works the best. When using him, make sure you are away from the enemies you are fighting. They still can move when he appears, but for only a few seconds. Use the Superhero icons wisely and only in emergencies. You never know when you will need them.

Hint: Faster climbing:
Note: this trick requires a controller with a turbo feature. Set A to turbo to climb up and down faster While climbing, hold A and the D-pad in the direction you want to move. Note: This is slower if you are trying to go left or right.

Hint: The Alleyway: Items:
In the Alleyway level, you can climb the wall on the screen before the church doors, then swing over at the top for an extra life and two hearts. At the end of the level, climb the rightmost wall for another continue.

Hint: The Climb: Secret room:
In The Climb level, go to the rightmost window on the ground. Climb above this window and jump down over it to reveal a secret room where every enemy you kill will result in an extra life.

Hint: The Deep: Extra life:
When you start in the Deep level, go right and to find an extra life.

Hint: New York Street 1: Extra Life:
On level 1, New York Street 1, wait until you are at the end of the level at the screen with the Boss. Before the hair sisters attack, jump onto the wall. There is an extra life behind where your health bar is located.

Hint: The Rooftop: Continue:
On The Rooftop level, punch the water tower until the supports fall, then pick it up and get the continue. Then, throw the tower at Spidey Doppleganger for a quick win.

Hint: The Rooftop 1: Extra life:
On the first Rooftop level, hit the water tower about ten to fifteen times. It will break, revealing an extra life where the tower was located. Note: If you throw the tower at Doppelganger, it will end the battle immediately.

Hint: The Rooftop 2: Superhero icons:
In the Rooftop 2 level, jump into the tree for some Spidey icons. Be sure not to fall.

Hint: Ruined Boys Home: Secret room:
Get hit by Carnage in front of the door. You will find a room filled with great things.

Hint: Secret areas:
On the stage where you have to fight Muzzoid, there is a secret room where you can get three lives and some hearts. If you wait awhile while the sign is telling you to leave the secret room, there will be a continue in the middle of the hearts. To get into this room you have to go to the third or fourth little dot on the floor by the wall's side and just jump above it.

After the Rooftop 2 level, choose Spider-Man. In the police station, there will be an open doorway in the background. Jump in front of it to be transported to a secret room.

At Manhattan Rooftop level when playing as Spiderman, jump on the glass window and you will get Flash.

In the Prospect Park level which has two stone pillars as you enter, use your web to jump above the top pillar to get Morbius. Note: On this same stage, when you get to the Bosses, there will be a tall tree in the center. High up will be a small heart and a continue above it. Use your web to get them.