Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

Full stats:
The following code increases all your stats to 999 while you are at level 0. Note: Doing this while in a town is recommended. First, go to the configuration option in the menu. Scroll down to the music option. Do not press Right or the code will not work. Press Left, then press Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, B. Open your menu screen and then your level should be 0. Save at a church, then power off the SNES. Start again and load the saved game. Go to a inn and sleep. Your HP and MP should be around 999, and if you check your status, all your stats should be 999. Repeat this for all your characters. Note: Use this code on Maxim when you first complete the cave that the old man helps with.

Retry mode:
Complete the game once, then select the "Retry" option. Gold and experience in this new game will accumulate at four times the standard rate during battles.

Gift mode:
Successfully complete the game in "Retry" mode to unlock the "Gift" option. You can select your own party in this mode.

Hint: Easy fruit and experience:
Warp to Elcid once you get your ship. Walk to the east end of the island. You will see an other island. Sail to that island and walk around. Every monster on the island drops a kind of fruit. Note: This includes black and white dragons -- do not fight them until at least level 45. Also, the dragons are the best source of experience when at levels 45 and above.

Hint: No charge at inns:
The game will allow to stay at inns with no charge if you do not have enough money to pay.

Hint: Ending bonus:
Successfully complete the game and allow the credits to end. Eventually, information about how well you did during the game will appear.

Hint: Getting capsule monsters their master:
Go to Elcid and head to the island to the east. There are only seven types of monsters here: Woodgorem, Evilfish, Behemoth, Serfaco, Black Dragon, White dragon, and Pug. In order, they carry Secret, Charm, Earth, Breeze, Dark, Holy, and Flame Fruits. These can be used to level the monsters to their ultimate form.

Foomy S to M to L to H to Gold Fox: Feed him a Secret Fruit in Foomy H form.
Shaggy to Sprite to Cupid to Twinkle to Unicorn: Feed it a Dark Fruit in Sprite form.
Armor Dog to Winged Lion to Wing Lizard to Blaze Dragon to Firebird: Feed it a Charm Fruit in Wing Lizard form.
Hard Hat to Blue Bird to Winged Horse to Green Giant to Sky Dragon: Feed an Earth fruit in Green Giant form.
Myconido to Wolfman to Mini Imp to Big Imp to Red Dragon: Feed a Holy Fruit in Wolfman form.
Raddisher to Red Cap to Giantto Stonehead to Centaur: Feed a Breeze Fruit in Stonehead form.
Red Fish to Toadie to Sea Giant to Blue Titan to Fish Head: Feed a blaze fruit in Sea Giant form.
Glitch: Walk in background:
When in the Fortress Of Doom just before you fight Erim, walk around the edge of the area. You will find two chests with Miracle in them. Go to the top of the area and walk off the edge on the right. You can walk in the background of the area.